Everything started with a 3 year journey across Europe as a traveling carpenter,
just with my traditional clothes, a hat and some hand tools. Faithful to this old German tradition,
I worked in many countries in Europe and in South America,
learning my craft from the best masters.

When I arrived in Romania for the very first time, it was a rainy and cold night in November 2007 and I found myself at the train station Copsa Mica.
I still remember the old blue train, maybe from the fifties, with wooden seats and windows, whose doors did not close and most of the lamps didn’t work anymore. ”Your ticket, please!”- the ticket inspector said. In his uniform he made an impression as if he came from another époque…

My next station, for a quite long time, was Sibiu/ Hermannstadt, a fascinating old city in the heart of Transylvania with its historical center and beautiful hidden narrow streets.
For a long time I used to live there after finishing my journey, working in the Evangelic church and living with other carpenters in an old fortified tower of the city walls

Fascinated by the Romanian countryside, in 2012, when my daughter was born, I decided to move to a small village called Richis.
For quite a few years I kept restoring fortified churches all over Transylvania, as well as bell towers, but I also made reconstructions of medieval war machines and renovated hundred year old barns and houses.

I bought the wheelwright’s workshop, where several generations of wheelers used to build horse carts, carriages, wheels, but also barrels. Feeling the duty, to go on with this craft, in the following years I restored many different carriages.

It was again a rainy night in a November, a few years ago, powerful lightning were tearing the sky, when a blackout occurred, as it often happens during storms, we were sitting at the candle light…and then a great idea was born.  A 3 day journey across Transylvania the same way people used to travel in the 18th century. …