The Trip

During our tour with Transylvanian Express we will visit the most beautiful and hidden villages between Sibiu and Sighisoara.
The trip will last 3 days and 2 nights and our destinations on the road will be Richis, Biertan, Atel and Pelisor. A professional photographer will join us with his historical equipment. Before we are leave, everybody can choose suitable clothes for the trip, top hats, woolen coats for the evenings and dresses which we will put at your disposal.
We will stop for an excellent dinner at the fortified Church of Biertan, the most important and best defended Church attended by the community of  Transylvanian Saxons, built in the 15th century and surrounded by 7 towers and 3 walls.
Further, after crossing dark forests and rocky roads, our next destination will be Atel with its old parish house, where we will stay overnight, discovering the house with its old basements, enjoying the best Romanian wines and listening to singers, violin and piano musicians.
During the tour we will also visit a Gypsy camp with their traditional horse carriages, celebrating with them, dancing around the bonfire and listening to their crazy stories about their life.
We will have at our disposal amazing tents, made of wood and textile materials with candles inside and this night our camp will be outside. Sometimes in the moonshine you can hear the wolves howling, but don’t be scared, our guardians will be staying outside at the bonfire…
Other stages of our trip will be Pelisor with its castle on a big hill, surrounded by trees and thorn and

Richis, a 700 year old village, famous for its excellent wine.

But, alike during trips 150 years ago in Transylvania, expect surprises…..