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Is one of the first settlements of
German Saxons of Transylvania

Biertan settlement is attested in 1283, in a document along with Mediaş and Moşna, all three cities are in a fierce competition to obtain the administrative center of the area called “Două Scaune”. Thus each of the three towns tried to increase its reputation by building a great fortified church.
In the year of 1397 is certified as a fortress. Like any settlement Saxon had an urban organization, standing out of the Franconian-style row houses arranged around a central square, above which stands the imposing church-fortress. The impressive monument cult Gothic style blends harmoniously with the Renaissance with surrounding  walls, towers and medieval bastions. The first building of the citadel is attributed to the twelfth century, when probably the first church was built (Sf. Maria). The present church was between 1486 and 1524 in late-Gothic style.
For 300 years, between 1572 and 1867 Biertan was the seat of Saxon episcopate, favoring the construction of one of the most powerful peasant fortress in Transylvania, around the fortified church.

With the collapse of communism the german ethnic majority moved to Germany.

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